Hi there!


My name is Tabitha, I’m 4 1/2 years old. I have a little brother called Reuben, who is 1 years old. We really like baking together. It’s our favourite and we really like making a mess together!


Tomorrow is going to be my last day of school in the UK, because next year we are moving to Tanzania! Tanzania is in Africa. We are going to live next to Lake Victoria. My Mummy is called Victoria so I think it’s her lake. Or maybe she was named after the lake…?


I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and that I will be able to tell you about all the adventures that we go on!


One thought on “Hi there!

  1. Hi Tabitha and Reuben ! I hope you have enjoyed all the Italian food the cookery school has given you! I sounds wonderful. The road outside your house doesn’t look like a road at all. It is very different from Leighton Buzzard. Yesterday we had wild weather with very strong winds. Today it is bright and sunny but cold. At Church on Sunday 4 people will be getting baptised! We will all feel like we’re at a very special party. Lots of love Jenny W


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